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About Me Monday-Elephant Slippers

When my sister graduated from high school she and her friend wore their high top basketball shoes under their long dresses.

A couple of years later it was my Jr Prom. It may be a small town thing or an old thing but at my high school we did a promenade. This just means that the junior class pair off and do a dance in the middle of the dance floor. It is usually ball room danceish (has to be a word). The guy I was dancing with (Cody) challenged me to wear my high top basket ball shoes to Prom just like my sister did for graduation. I thought about it for a minute and since my dress I was going to wear was mostly white and my high tops were white I accepted......IF he would wear his wrestling shoes! The challenge was on! The parents come and watch. While we were dancing, on one side of the gym, my dad asked my mom what shoes I was wearing. Mom answered that I had on black sandals. He replied that they were not black while he is shaking his head. Meanwhile on the other side of the gym was Cody's parents. Sitting close to them was a lady who said, "Look at that idiot, he is wearing his wrestling shoes with his tux." Cody's mom just looked at his dad and said, "That is our idiot!"

Sooooo, when it came time for me to graduate from high school my mom went through a list of all the shoes I could not wear to graduation. She forgot one elephant slippers!

I kept them hidden under my dress until it was time to get my diploma. We had a large letter 'K' on a platform, we would walk up the two steps and receive our diploma in front of the 'K'. That was my moment! I picked up my skirt and proudly showed off my great footwear as I went up the steps! My dad was so flustered he did not get a picture for me. Hehehehe! All I heard was the loud GASP from the audience.

Mom was just glad that I was the last of her kids!

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