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About Me Monday-Broken Foot?

One Friday, Gwena was dropping me off at my home after school. She left the gear shift of her car in neutral and as I was getting out the car rolled backward and almost ran over my foot. I had a basketball game to play that night and told her that she would have been in real trouble with my coach if she had broken my foot. And the light bulb came on! We decided to call coach and tell her that Gwena had run over my foot and that it was broken. After discussing it we decided that she would not believe us so once again we headed to the hospital to the physical therapist, Daryl Ence. We talked him into calling coach. When he hung up the phone he knew she had not believed him BUT he had some out of date cast stuff that he could use to put a cast on my foot. I just pulled up my jean pant leg and he put the cast on. My brother broke his knee so I had crutches at home.

I showed up to the JV basketball game that was played right before the varsity game on crutches. My coach maybe believed me a little but not fully. I sat in the stands talking to people and letting them sign my cast. During halftime of the JV game the other team's coach came up to me with a big smile on his face. I told him some story about my foot being too swollen to be sure how bad it was and that I did not know how long I would have the cast on.

Towards the end of the JV game the Varsity team went into the locker room for a meeting. Daryl was there and cut my cast off for me so I could play. I came out of the locker room with my team and started to warm up. On the way out I stopped and threw my cast to my mom. Immediately the other team's coach started yelling at the referees saying that he wanted a technical foul called on me. The game had not even started yet! He thought I did it to psych out his team. I didn't even think of that. My coach just laughed. Guess the joke was on him!

Ok, the funny part is that my coach really did have a broken foot!

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