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About Me Monday-It's a Teen Thing

I do not believe I was a normal teenager. I hear it all the time that the teen years are the hardest and you are lucky just to survive them but I loved being a teenager!

One thing about growing up in a small town is that you have to make your own fun. If you are not interested in partying then you have to get creative.

We were known to show up at our coaches house with a movie and a frozen pizza and took over her basement. We put a 'For Sale' signs on a friend's truck then got others to call him to ask about it. We, of course, toilet papered houses and doorbell ditched but usually to people we liked. We got pulled over once because our 'extremities' were hanging out of the car window. And we 'drug main' every Friday and Saturday night to see who was out and what they were doing.

One day my friend (Gwenna) and I decided to sluff Seminary, a class at school. We went and bought a Coke and a candy bar and were driving around. Gwenna started feeling guilty for missing class. We were near the hospital and decided to stop and see the physical therapist there who was a friend. We were telling him what we had done and that we were thinking of playing sick as an excuse as to why we were not in class. He had a key to an old shed where the hospital put broken things. In the shed was a wheel chair that he offered to us. I happened to have a blanket in the back of my car so we went back to class with Gwenna in the wheel chair and a blanket over her lap. We told the teacher and the class that Gwenna had appendicitis but wanted to come back to class. The doctor told us that she could come back to class if she stayed in the wheelchair. Everyone believed us. The boys even took to carrying Gwenna when the wheelchair would not fit through places. I had a hard time keeping a straight face but Gwenna was an actor at heart and even groaned sometimes like she was in pain. My coach saw us through the window of her class room and said, "Oh dear, what poor old person did they steal that from?". I guess she knew us better than anyone else. Boy were the guys mad when Gwenna stood up out of the wheelchair and said she felt much better now. The teacher laughed and didn't even give us a mark for missing class.

My Coach thought it would be funny to nominate me for the "Milky Way" Award. And I won! No I did not win any candy bars but I wish I had. I did get a certificate!

Tune in for next week's story, pretending to break a leg.

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