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About me Monday-Daddy's Girl

A LITTLE ABOUT ME-I am the last of 5 children born to Ken and Kay Broadhead. I was born in Wenatchee, Washington (yes, where all the apples are grown) but only because that is where the hospital was. My family lived in Quincy. I still remember my address, (grade school drilled it into me) 615 H St SE. I also remember my phone number but I will not leave it here since it could belong to someone.

When I was 14 months old I became sick. The local doctor thought it was the flu but since I was getting worse my mom and dad decided to drive me to the hospital in Wenatchee. It turns out that I had Spinal Meningitis, not a good thing to have. They admitted me into the hospital but since my siblings, the oldest being 10, were home alone, my parents decided to leave me there to go home and make arrangement for them. My hospital room was on the bottom floor and if I stood on my tip toes I could just barely see out the window. My dad looked back and saw me looking at them and crying as they left. Dad told me that it broke his heart. I am pretty sure that experience is why I am a daddy's girl and why I could get anything I wanted out of him. It also helped that I look just like him and I am the baby.

My dad worked for U&I Sugar as a fieldman (he oversaw the sugar beet farmers) so he did a lot of driving during the day. Some days he would let me go with him to work and spend the day with him. Well, I convinced him to let me go........I would ask him if I could go to work with him and if he said 'No', I would go get dressed, take a brush to my mom and have her do my hair and then stand at the door with my coat on and wait for him. I am pretty sure it worked every time. He usually had to stop at a gas station to fill up and I would ask him if he was hungry. Most of the time he would give me money to go get him and me a candy bar. We are both suckers for chocolate.

My dad managed to pass on to me his deep set eyes, big eye brows and big nose. He also taught me to love chocolate, ice cream, rootbeer and popcorn. Unfortunately he forgot to give me his metabolism. I took two steps to one of his because of his long legs.He used to hold me and my sisters on his lap and sing '"Daddy's Little Girl" to us. He was big and mean looking to others but I just saw him as a big teddy bear. My dad taught me to work hard, to be patient with others and to NOT play basketball like a girl.

Can you see why I am a Daddy's Girl?

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