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Some days I envy Millennials

I can's even begin to tell you how hard this it is for me to be in front of a camera. That is why I sometimes envy Millennials. They are so used to taking selfies that they are totally comfortable getting their pictures taken. I did not grow up with this. I own a selfie stick but I have only used it on a trip to Hawaii. Instead of pouty lips, I have tight shoulders and instead of 'sexy eyes', my eye disappear when I smile! I won't even get started on the extra poundage.

So when a fellow photographer and I had some extra time between a wedding ceremony and reception we decided to work of each other.

Shooting a wedding is hard so I have on my most comfortable dress, not the most flattering but it has pockets! My hair was curled when I started but I lost most of the curl earlier in the day. And yet, they did not turn out too bad!!! Thank you Danielle Shettell for making me do this, making me feel comfortable and for being such a great photographer!

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