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Senior Living!

Dashia and I decided that the Utah State Capitol building would be a fun place to take her Senior pictures. Her mom, Dashia and I loaded up her outfits and all my gear (can't forget the Dr Pepper and cookies) and headed north to Salt Lake. You would think we would have though of this before but did you know that State street leads to the State Capitol? Go figure!

When we arrived there was a session going on as well as some kind of fair but the place is so big with so many pretty places that we did not have a hard time getting great shots. I guess I should also

give Dashia some credit since she is so pretty that she made it easy.

As you can see Dashia loves converse shoes and bling, quite the combination! She already has her class ring too.

As we were finishing up there was a photographer from the Tribune taking pictures of a turtle that was part of

the fair. We asked if we

could step in and get a shot since Dashia also like turtles. She has some as pets.

It was a super fun day and I know Dashia will do great thing after her graduation! Congrats Dashia!

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