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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

When my kids were little I would attach a streamer to their door way that led to their Valentine's gift. I kept all the streamers the same color and intertwined them all over the family room.

My kids loved to climb over and under and around all the streamers to find their gift. It made Valentine's Day a little more fun.

When they were really young (before the streamers) I would make each child 12 small Valentines and they could open one each hour on the hour of the day. It made the day more exciting for them and the small gifts occupied their time and made my day easier.

I miss those days of being with my kids all day. They are grown and getting married and having kids of their own but I will always cherish the my memories of the times I had with them.

I hope this Valentine's Day brings all of you joy and love but remember that giving love is really what makes the day special.

Wishing you a very happy and loving Valentine's Day!

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