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Sneaky Grandma.....

I got a call from a lady who knew she was babysitting her two grandsons on Saturday. Grandma bought new outfits for the boys including shoes and did their hair. She even bought this back drop for me to use. The little one did not like the noise of the camera and took a while to warm up but I was able to get some great images. That same evening I culled and edited so Grandma would have her images on Monday morning. She had prints mad and the next weekend grandma surprised Mom!!!!!

Mom received cute pictures of her kids and did not even have to wrestle with them or worry about outfits.

I think it was an awesome idea these cutie's grandma had. Bonus points for her!!

It is always a good idea to help out a busy mom!

Way to go sneaky Grandma, you made my day!

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