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I ran away from home!

Some times I just need to get away from everything and just spend a few days thinking and taking pictures. This time I went to Cedar City, Utah. I spent three days just driving and hiking and taking pictures. It soothes my soul to spend time enjoying this beautiful world and trying to capture a part of it. There is nothing like southern Utah to make me stand in awe of my Savior's creation! I am so grateful I live here so close to all of this. If you ever get a chance to visit Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon or

Grand Canyon, do it!!! Most of these images were taken in Kolob Canyon, 20 miles south of Cedar City. The hikes give you just a touch of what you see in Zions Canyon. If you are not a hiker, just stop at the lookout points and you will have your breath taken away!

St. George LDS temple.

Southern Utah has the best red mountains!

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