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What to wear to a photo shoot

Have you ever wondered what to wear to a photo shoot? Here are some guidelines I like to tell my clients. First, wear something you are really comfortable in and you love, If you feel good about yourself you will look good.

Second, light colors (pastels work great), dark colors reflect onto your skin and can change the color of your skin. I remember once taking my 10 year old daughter to get her pictures taken for a pageant. I have always thought my kids looked great in red so she wore red. The photographer took one look at her and said, "Red?, What is this Christmas?" This was in the summer! He took a few pictures of her in the red and then made her change into something he had on hand. I admit, the shirt he put on her was better.

Third, do not be afraid to dress up! You do not have many opportunities to get dressed up and you can not be too dressed up for a shoot. Wearing something beautiful and getting your hair and makeup done will help you feel good about yourself and it will show in the images.

Fourth, if it is family shoot do not be too 'matchy'. If you are wearing something with a pattern on it, make sure the others are in solid colors. Choose 2-3 colors and mix and match with each person's outfit. A guy with a white shirt and khaki pants will match just about anything.

Fifth, make a statement with your accessories. A pop of color in your shoes or necklace can really make an image.

Most of all relax, these are pictures you want to show to your kids and grandkids so relax and be yourself!

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