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Konica Autoflex T3

What a treasure I received yesterday! My dad passed away a little over two years ago. Little did I know that my oldest son and his wife asked for and received my dad's old camera. They did it for me and gave it to me yesterday. The camera was bought in May of 1975 for $308.10. How do I know this? My dad kept everything! I have the original manual with the original receipt. He had a guy with a camera business in Washington order the camera for him from New York. In the 'Almond Joy' box (my dad loved chocolate) was old film with pictures on it (can't wait to see what is on it!), a zoom lens with some filters, a flash and an extra bulb, some things that look like microphones and a handheld slide viewer. I could scream I am so excited to figure out how it all works and if I can still get film. I am sooo grateful to my son and his wife for saving this for me!

Ooooooh, I wonder what it is all worth. My week has been made! Maybe my month! Maybe my year!!!

I hope I can be as organized with my business as my dad was with everything. Really, the original receipt and boxes! Boy do I love that man!!

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