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Hello Blogging World!

Hello Blogging world! I am brand new to this so I thought I would start by introducing myself and how I got started with photography. The picture is of my wonderful mom and dad. I am a daddy's girl all the way. I think I got my interest in photography from him. He always had a camera and loved taking pictures of his family and of nature. I digitized over 4,000 slides after he passed away. He took a lot of pictures!

This is one of his pictures.

My mom was super talented! She was always busy. She has sewn too many wedding dresses for her to remember the number. She even made her own wedding dress which was her 3rd dress she made. She acted, sewed, knitted, quilted, wrote stories and poems, told stories, competed with her brother in ballroom dance and more. This is her in her wedding dress.

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